JSI staff share certain values and are guided by our mission, which we strive to fulfill every day:

JSI exists to improve the health and well-being of underserved and vulnerable people and communities throughout the world, and to provide an environment where people of passion and commitment can pursue this cause.

We achieve the highest professional standards by relying upon the integrity of our staff and maintaining strong systems to support our work. Our success depends on being a financially sound, client-focused organization while remaining true to our mission.

We are…


First and foremost, all of JSI’s work contributes to our two-part mission, whether serving underserved communities or developing our workplace and operations to be better able to do so.


JSI’s culture is intended to foster innovation and risk-taking, empowering employees and enabling their best performance in the service of clients. Our entrepreneurial culture enables staff to work with relative autonomy and supports individual initiative.


We tailor strategies to each situation and seek creative approaches to meet clients’ needs, rather than relying on conventional responses to problem solving.


Effective teamwork among staff, clients, funders, and partners is critical to our internal operations and external relationships. Our work depends on a sense of shared responsibility, and we believe that decisionmaking, information sharing, and collaboration are essential to our success.


People matter at JSI. We treat each other and our clients with warmth, honesty, and respect.


We expect a lot from our staff but recognize that they are people with families and personal lives. We promote a balance of work, family, and fun in- and outside the workplace. We set aside time to mark our milestones, acknowledge our successes, and reflect on what we’ve learned along the way. Learning and laughter are hallmarks of JSI’s corporate culture.


People are proud of the work they do at JSI and feel it is a privilege to work on the issues they care about. We appreciate the work and contributions of our colleagues and our partners.