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2022 Retreat for the
COVID-19 Vaccine
Supply Planning Initiative

Welcome! Thank you for joining us at the 2022 Retreat for the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Planning Initiative.
vaccine vial logo for the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Planning Initiative


Sunday, April 2-3: Participants arrive

Monday, April 4: Day 1 Retreat (8:30-5 pm), Tamarind Tree Hotel

  • Evening: Welcome dinner reception at the hotel

Tuesday, April 5: Day 2 Retreat (8:30-5 pm), Tamarind Tree Hotel

  • Evening: COVID tests at the hotel (tentative, will be arranged in groups based on final itineraries and return-country requirements)

Wednesday, April 6th: Tamarind Tree Hotel

  • Team-building  and lunch (9 am-1 pm)
  • Long term strategy side-meeting for small group (1-4 pm)
  • Evening: Some participants depart

Thursday, April 7th: Remaining participants depart



During the retreat, the expanded CSP team will

  • Come together as a collaborative supply planning team, get to know each other and how we work together
  • Align around mission, goals, and value proposition of the project and approach
  • Discuss the future of the collaborative supply planning initiative, including similar approaches for other product categories (Global Family Planning VAN)
  • Increase technical understanding of the collaborative supply planning process, including using the excel tool and analysis approach to build scenarios
  • Discuss current country and global challenges around collaborative supply planning, identify solutions, and create and present individual action plans
Points of Contact
  • General Information and questions, (key point of contact for any questions or concerns, finance and administration support)
  • Bethany Saad, Program & Operations Manager, (retreat planning lead)
  • Wendy Corelis, Senior Country Program Finance Officer, (finance and administration support)
  • Mariah Yaah, Administrative Assistant, inSupply Kenya, (lead for all in-country event needs and logistics)
  • Laila Akhlaghi, Technical Lead, (any technical questions about the retreat)
Kenya travel requirements

**Updated March 12: Kenya has updated their COVID-19 travel requirements, see below with key points bolded.

Ultimately JSI will still require proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure.

As of March 12, COVID-19-related international travel restrictions have been amended. All travelers must be fully vaccinated to enter Kenya; exemptions exist. Authorities removed the testing requirement before travel for vaccinated travelers. All exempt unvaccinated travelers are required to take a PCR test not older than 72 hours before departure. These travelers will also be tested upon arrival at their own cost. Other travel requirements remain in place.

International Travel Restrictions
Travelers must upload their negative PCR test certificate and vaccination certificate to the Global Haven portal before boarding their flight; to access the Global Haven website, click here.

Individuals traveling to and transiting Kenya must also complete an International Travelers Health Surveillance Form to receive a quick response (QR) code that is scanned upon arrival. Additionally, travelers must upload their health information to the Jitenge platform/mobile application daily for 14 consecutive days after arrival. To access the health surveillance form and Jitenge platform, click here.

Travelers who have visited or have transited through certain African countries within the previous 14 days are subject to mandatory antigen testing upon arrival; these countries include Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Travelers testing positive for COVID-19 are subject to a mandatory quarantine period at their own expense; travelers displaying flu-like symptoms upon arrival, as well as those who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 after arrival, may also be subject to COVID-19 testing and isolation at their own expense.

  • Passengers must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing that they were fully vaccinated. The certificate must be uploaded at
  • Passengers must complete the “Travelers Health Surveillance Form” online at This will generate a QR code which must be presented upon arrival.

All participants will stay at the same Tamarind Tree Hotel in Nairobi. Hotel room costs will be paid directly by JSI, and include breakfast. Please share your final flight itinerary with Bethany Saad ( so we can align your stay at the hotel accordingly.

Flight arrangements

To be arranged and paid for directly by the JSI counterpart through a local travel agency. Please work with JSI counterpart to arrange an itinerary that ensures your full participation in the retreat.

We recommend that you arrive in Nairobi the evening of Sunday, April 3, and return Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Please arrange your travel so that you are able to participate for the full three days. The meeting is planned to end Wednesday at 1:00 pm (for most participants) or 4:00 (for those participating in the small planning meeting).

  • Arrival: Be in Kenya by 8 am Monday, April 4th latest, we assume most participants will arrive Sunday, April 3rd.
  • Departure: Most participants will depart on Wednesday, April 6th afternoon/evening. Those participants who are invited to the small group session on Wednesday afternoon may depart Wednesday evening or Thursday morning depending on available itineraries.

Responsibility of the traveler to understand visa requirements, please check and with your local embassy to confirm what is required.

Payment: To be arranged and paid for directly through the JSI counterpart, or by the passenger directly using their credit card, to be reimbursed through the expense report at the end of the retreat. If the participant does not have a credit card, and your JSI contact cannot support payment directly, please email and JSI will arrange to pay directly using a corporate credit card. Then please forward the receipt back to the email above for our records (since you will receive the receipt under your personal email address used in the application).

For the e-visa application:

JSI will provide an invitation letter from inSupply health.

For the fields regarding the local point of contact, please enter:
Annette Mumbi
Finance and Operations Manager
inSupply Health| inSupply Office – Raphta Road, Nairobi, Kenya

For “Attach Copy of Company Registration Certificate” please attach this document from inSupply health

For “Person Countersigning The Invitation Letter” please attach this document from inSupply health


As per local regulations, masks must be worn in public places and in meeting venues. JSI will provide masks and hand sanitizer on site.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing: Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they follow the COVID-19 testing requirements for their country/airline before departure.

  • The guidelines for Kenya as of 2/28/22 are as follows:
    • Possession of a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 is a requirement for inbound and outbound travel
    • Passengers are required to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travel. PCR tests are part of the Trusted Traveller (TT) program. Travelers must visit where they need to create an account and upload their PCR test. They will receive a TT certificate that has to be downloaded to be presented to the traveler’s airline and the Kenyan Port Health Authorities. See guidance here:
  • Vaccination: All participants will be required to be vaccinated, and share their proof of vaccination through the RSVP questionnaire
  • Pre-retreat Test (home country to Kenya): By default, JSI will require all participants to have a negative COVID-19 PCR test (taken no more than 72 hours before departure). Please refer to your country’s and airline’s local travel policies and airline policies, if they have different timing requirements on testing. JSI will reimburse for the cost of your test, through the expense report submitted after the retreat. Should you receive a positive test result before the flight, please contact Bethany Saad at
  • Post-retreat (Kenya to home country): JSI will arrange PCR tests for all retreat participants in Kenya so results are received before their flights home according to your requirements.

Travel Insurance: As soon as your flight is booked, JSI will arrange and pay directly for your travel insurance policy. JSI staff Emily Taylor will reach out to you for information to complete your travel insurance policy. She will require:

  • Name
  • Country of Residency
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Itinerary Dates
  • Is the applicant currently under medical care?
  • Emergency Contact (name, relationship, phone number)

ISOS: The traveler is responsible for ensuring they know the COVID-19 testing requirements

  • ISOS Communications Portal: This JSI communication portal contains a variety of helpful resources, as well as a copy of the membership card. The resources available include important International SOS contact numbers and FAQs; country-specific information, such as medical and security risks, travel information, and in-country tips; disease and prevention catalog that provides an overview, exposure information, signs and symptoms, as well as treatment options; and a sign-up option to receive email alerts by country. If you travel often, it may be helpful to bookmark this page in your favorite web browser. You will need the JSI/WEI membership number (11BYCA657843) for the “Member Log In.”
  • There is also an entire section on the portal dedicated to COVID.
Airport transfers in Kenya

Will be arranged and paid directly by JSI (to/from airport to hotel).

Expense reimbursement

Participants will be reimbursed for expenses as detailed below. Work with your counterpart to share bank information needed to make a direct reimbursement to your bank account.

Cost/Description Amount (USD) Requirements
Per Diem (international attendees)

To be paid based on final flight itinerary

USG Kenya M&IE rate of $83/day, minus $21 lunch provided = $62 per day.

JSI reimburses 75% on travel days ($46.50)

Per Diem (local attendees) 

To be paid based on actual attendance

Per Diem (international attendees)

$62 daily rate

$46.50 on travel days

Per Diem (local attendees) 

Rate based on local JSI operations manual, more details to come

Flight itinerary
Ground travel costs

to/from airport to home

JSI will double the cost of your initial home-airport leg

Will vary by country- JSI will reimburse 2x the initial leg. Receipt for home-airport transportation cost
COVID-19 test cost


Will vary by country- JSI will reimburse the full cost if JSI does not pay directly Receipt for COVID-19 test
What to bring

Please plan to bring with you:

  • Masks (required to wear throughout event)
  • Laptop computer (required to participate in some sessions)
  • Headphones (especially for Francophone staff to hear live translation)
  • Covid vaccination card for your records
  • Travel policy card for your records (will be emailed to you once policy information is provided)
  • Comfortable shoes (for outdoor team building event)
Checklists and forms
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Any Questions?

Please contact