NH Tobacco Prevention & Cessation: 2018 QuitNow-NH and QuitWorks-NH Media & Promotion

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): National Jewish Health

Services: Health Communication, Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Health Disparities, Population Health, Rural Health, State and Local Public Health, Substance Use

Website: http://quitnownh.org/

JSI will oversee the development and launch of statewide marketing campaigns for National Jewish Health (NJH) for the State of NH, to promote awareness and utilization of QuitNowNH.org and 1-800-QUIT-NOW services. Campaigns may be targeted toward the general NH population, low-socioeconomic status individuals, women of childbearing age, and other priority populations.

Additionally, JSI will market QuitWorks-NH (QuitWorksNH.org) to NH providers.

JSI is developing five on-line, on-demand tobacco treatment learning modules that will be made available to health care providers, with priority being given to Maternal and Child Health Section-funded community health centers. These modules are available on demand to all professionals who provide tobacco brief interventions in clinical and non-clinical settings. One focuses on motivational interviewing and include a testing component that satisfies the requirements for providing CMEs and CEUs. The second focuses on the seven Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmacotherapies including dosing and contraindications, other topics include motivational interviewing and treating tobacco use and nicotine addiction in the pregnant patient. JSI will develop materials for the two e-learning videos that are tailored to professional staff who are tasked with providing tobacco brief interventions in clinical and non-clinical settings, including the MIECHV Program.