California Health Homes Policy Analysis and Research

Dates: 2016

State: California

Client(s): The California Endowment

Services: Health Systems Transformation, Policy Development & Implementation

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Safety Net

Health Homes can provide critical care coordination and case management for at risk individuals in Medicaid. Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act offers states enhanced federal funding to implement these services which can help fill the gaps in care in fragmented delivery systems of health and behavioral health services.

The California Primary Care Association (CPCA), the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (CAPH), and The California Endowment (TCE) share a goal of developing and implementing a Health Home 2703 State Plan Amendment (SPA) in California. The California Endowment (TCE) has engaged JSI to work with TCE, CPCA and CAPH to provide consulting support regarding Health Home policy discussions and to assist in building stakeholder understanding and partnerships regarding health homes in California.