Health Care Financing

Quality health care should be affordable and accessible to all. While most countries aim to achieve this, many struggle to allocate sufficient funds, efficiently leverage all sources, and enact the necessary health systems reforms required to meet the long-term needs of their people.

JSI helps countries build and sustain well-functioning, integrated health systems using a range of approaches and ‘entry points’. We work to improve public financial management by providing technical assistance to budget and cost-revenue projections, and more broadly assist governments in their financial reform, planning, and decentralization efforts. For example, we have succeeded in strengthening financial and reporting standards of both government and nongovernmental entities to qualify for direct donor financing.

When seeking to achieve universal coverage and financial health protection for the poor, it is critical to understand the key drivers of healthcare expenditure and the wide variation in funding sources. The reality in most developing countries is that the majority of healthcare expenditure is made out-of-pocket to private providers. Most of JSI’s projects engage with the private (non-state) sector in some capacity to leverage opportunities that achieve sustainability and increase accessibility. This includes contracting, public-private partnerships, or other mechanisms in numerous countries, such as Liberia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Zambia.

JSI develops and accesses a range of innovative funding mechanisms to provide countries with effective, sustainable financing options. This includes work with social and venture capital, with franchise models and micro-enterprise development, with voucher and conditional cash transfer programs, and with risk-pooling schemes such as insurance and managed care.

Through the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, JSI developed an online Financial Tracking Toolkit to provide in-country stakeholders with guidance and tools to track financing for contraceptive commodities. The toolkit includes templates for collecting and analyzing data, as well as a database of relevant documents and tools that can further inform finance tracking efforts.

The SPRING project also works to maximize impact through improved financing. SPRING provides budget analysis to determine funding that has been allocated to nutrition activities, and how much of that funding has been spent. This effort provides data that empowers stakeholders to more effectively advocate for nutrition funding, increases transparency, and facilitates negotiations for donor funding.


View details: Liberia Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS)

Liberia Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS)

JSI collaborates with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to support service delivery with a focus on family planning, reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health, gender-based violence, malaria, HIV prevention, and water and sanitation.

View details: Strengthening  community development through interfaith dialogue in Ethiopia

Strengthening community development through interfaith dialogue in Ethiopia

JSI's Technical Assistance to the New Partners Initiative supports a local NGO in its effort to unite religious groups in Holeta, Ethiopia around addressing health issues in their community such as sanitation, nutrition, and HIV.

View details: Health brigades overcome geography in Bolivia

Health brigades overcome geography in Bolivia

The Health Management and Quality (GCS) project sends mobile health brigades to deliver health services and commodities to hard-to-access regions with limited human resources.

View details: Promoting breastfeeding to ensure healthier babies in Ethiopia

Promoting breastfeeding to ensure healthier babies in Ethiopia

A traditional birth attendant from Ethiopia's remote Amhara region receives training from the Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia project on how to promote breastfeeding among new mothers in her community.

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