JSI is comprised of more than 2,100 professionals who are recognized for their technical excellence, commitment to public health, client satisfaction, and contributions of knowledge to the health care field.

Our staff embody our commitment to diversity in race, culture, geography, sexual orientation, and knowledge. JSI encourages the exchange of information, technical expertise, and professional contacts among all staff to strengthen our ability to respond creatively and effectively to the requirements of every project. To serve our clients, we have also established long-term collaborations with universities, community organizations, and research institutions. JSI has built its reputation through the integrity and excellence of our staff and collaborators in meeting the needs of our clients.

JSI staff represent a range of backgrounds and expertise. This includes PhD-level researchers, clinicians, and a wide variety of senior and junior staff with advanced degrees in public health, business administration, health administration, public policy, economics, education, management, and epidemiology. Outside JSI, many of us are involved in primary health care efforts in our communities, serving on advisory boards or local boards of health and participating in health professional associations. JSI employees embody a corporate ethic of "giving back." We are typically individuals who have dedicated much of our lives to service and who want to continue that in our professional careers and personal lives—for example, approximately 15% of JSI employees from the U.S. are Peace Corps alumni and others have been "professional" volunteers in many capacities.



"What We Do" Video
Since 1978, JSI has been innovating and implementing public health programs that extend care and commodities to people around the world who need them most. Take a look at "What We Do."

"Who We Are" Video
JSI's team of professionals are committed to achieving results for our clients. More than 2,100 smart and dedicated staff contribute to our success. Meet a few of them.

"Top Places to Work" Video
For four years in a row, JSI has been ranked a top place to work by the Boston Globe. Find out what staff like about working here.

"JSI Volunteer Days" Slide Show
One of the many ways JSI supports its communities is through volunteer days. Watch a brief slide show of JSI staff at their "Days of Service."